The best recipes start with the best from Italy.

The best recipes
start with the
best from Italy.

True Taste.

Vero Gusto means “true taste.” It’s not only our name. It’s our promise. We make our sauces in Italy using only 100% Italian tomatoes and prepare them with other authentic, regional ingredients from Italy, in a way that’s true to how you’d make a sauce at home: sautéed and slowly simmered, with nothing artificial.

Tomato & Basil

With sweet Italian Genovese Basil

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Heritage Marinara

With Italian Datterini Tomatoes and savory herbs

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Calabrian Marinara

With medium heat, sweet Calabrian Pepper

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Sicilian Herb

Aromatic blend of Sicilian Oregano and garlic

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True Ingredients.


Artificial Ingredients

Added Sugar*

Added Water

Added Tomato Paste

Gluten Free


The beauty is in the balance.

As every creative cook knows, given the right balance, even the simplest ingredients can be artfully crafted into something special. Vero Gusto isn’t simply a sauce, it’s our artistic expression. Italian-grown tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and select regional ingredients strike a delicious balance. Each of our sauces is distinct and complex, from bright Genovese basil to the bold layers of Calabrian Pepper. The results are refreshing yet savory, perfect for elevating a weeknight dinner or a weekend dinner party. Let Vero Gusto be your inspiration.

Explore Parma, Italy.
Home of Vero Gusto.

Parma is considered the gastronomic capital of Europe. And for a good reason. The region is not only home to world famous products like Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, but it also has the perfect conditions – rich soil, copious sunshine and ample water – to grow the one-of-a-kind Italian tomatoes that are the star of Vero Gusto sauces.

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