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Vero Gusto® is Barilla’s latest pasta sauce brand made in Parma, Italy with some of the finest ingredients you can grow in the region – Datterini Tomatoes, Genovese Basil, Calabrian Pepper, and Sicilian Oregano. The genuine taste and texture of high-quality ingredients shines with preparation inspired by homemade cooking, with a sauté to start and a long, slow simmer to finish.

True to Italian cooking, Vero Gusto® ingredients are simple and high-quality. Our sauces are made with Italian tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, carrots, and sea salt and have no added sugar, no preservatives, and no GMO ingredients. We rely on decades of cooking expertise for a quick and easy pasta sauce full of flavor.

“Vero Gusto” is Italian for “true taste”. Our name is our promise to make a truly authentic pasta sauce. From a variety of high-quality ingredients from Italy to our commitment to nothing artificial, Vero Gusto® sauce does not make compromises when it comes to true taste.

Carrots have a sweet flavor which nicely balances the tart taste of tomatoes. Vero Gusto® is a no sugar added tomato sauce and relies on ingredients, like carrots, to bring out the best taste in our tomatoes.

Tomato pulp is the entire tomato, except the skin and seeds. Vero Gusto® proudly uses 100% Italian tomatoes, no added water, no added paste, and no added sugar, for an authentic crushed tomato texture that everyone loves.


We recommend gently heating Vero Gusto® on the stove or in a microwavable dish. Do not microwave sauce in the glass jar. Some also find our sauce delicious straight from the jar. Try for yourself with this Eggplant Caprese.

Tossing pasta with a little pasta water and any sauce on high heat for a minute or two helps it stick. However, there is no need to add water to Vero Gusto® tomato sauce, because it has already been finished with a slow simmer like a homemade recipe for a thicker texture that deliciously clings to all types of pasta. Just bring sauce to a boil and add freshly cooked pasta and toss it over high heat for 30 seconds.

We recommend eating Vero Gusto® within the expiration date.

Unused portion of Vero Gusto sauce must be refrigerated after opening and is best used within 5 days. We also recommend heating before eating. Looking for leftover sauce uses? Find new recipe ideas.

We recommend never freezing Vero Gusto® while it’s still sealed in the original glass jar as it creates more complexity to thaw and eat at your convenience. The unopened product tastes best when it is stored in a dry place.

Vero Gusto® tomato sauce pairs great with both long and short cut pasta. Our favorites are Barilla® Collezione and Gluten Free pasta. Regardless of pasta sauce type, the key to any healthy pasta sauce recipe is making sure to pair with other nutrient-dense foods such a vegetables, beans, lean proteins, and pasta. Check out our simple red sauce pasta dishes.

Vero Gusto® tomato sauce is loved by creative cooks for the versatile flavors. Some of our favorite meal ideas, in addition to pasta, are on vegetables, baked seafood dishes, chicken dishes like cacciatore, stews and soups, or on a classic or cauliflower-crust homemade pizza. Get a variety of new lunch or dinner ideas.


We add no animal byproducts, therefore Vero Gusto® is a 100% vegan pasta sauce.

Vero Gusto® is a gluten free sauce brand made in a gluten free facility.

No. Vero Gusto® is a tomato sauce with no preservatives.

Vero Gusto® is a Non-GMO Project Verified pasta sauce. Barilla® has gone through the necessary steps to ensure it meets Non-GMO Project Verified standards to guarantee certainty of its ingredients and food production.

Yes, Vero Gusto® is a kosher pasta sauce.

At Barilla we closely align with the standards of the Mediterranean diet. ½ cup serving of Vero Gusto® provides a 1 cup vegetable equivalent of the daily 2.5 cup recommendation (per 2,000 calorie diet), offering a nutrient-dense option that is a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

With no artificial ingredients and no added sugar, Vero Gusto® is a great option for variety of lifestyles: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, and Whole30 friendly.


Through its Good For You, Good For The Planet initiative, Barilla® makes every effort to use sustainable materials and reduce waste. Vero Gusto® jars can be recycled. Simply rinse the jar and replace the lid before recycling the jar.

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*See nutritional facts panel for nutritional information. Not a low calorie food.

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