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Vero Gusto® is a line of premium Italian sauces from Barilla®. All Vero Gusto® sauces are made in Parma, Italy. Each of the four distinct sauces carry its own story – with a special Italian ingredient sourced from a different region of Italy and cooking inspired by homemade recipes with a sauté start and a slow simmer finish – all for a more genuine taste and texture. All varieties are made with 100% Italian tomatoes and no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no added sugar*, no paste, no added water, and are Non-GMO Project Verified.

“Vero Gusto®” is Italian for “true taste.”

There are four varieties of Vero Gusto®, each including a signature ingredient:

  • Vero Gusto® Tomato & Basil features Genovese Basil, which is harvested in select areas of Genoa where rich soil by the Mediterranean Sea is essential to develop the aromatic flavor.
  • Vero Gusto® Heritage Marinara features Italian Datterini Tomatoes, naturally sweet, juicy, flavor-packed tomatoes grown in open fields of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions and always sun-ripened.
  • Vero Gusto® Calabrian Marinara features Calabrian Pepper, a bright aromatic pepper with smoky, spicy and fruity notes that is native to the Mediterranean climate of the Calabrian region of Italy.
  • Vero Gusto® Sicilian Herb features Sicilian Oregano, a robust and intense aromatic herb, making it a favorite ingredient of Southern Italian cuisine.

All sauces also include 100% Italian tomatoes (no added water or tomato paste), a generous amount of 100% extra virgin olive oil for a rich taste as well as onion, garlic, and sea salt.

Each sauce is made with 100% Italian tomatoes, which are specially selected to ensure peak ripeness. The tomato pulp delivers a well-rounded taste as well as a full-bodied consistency that gives depth to the flavor and perfectly coats pasta. The sauce offers an inviting aroma when the jar is opened and an authentic crushed tomato texture the family loves.

  • Datterini Tomato: Datterini is characterized by a small “date” size and elongated shape similar to San Marzano. Its thick skin and firm pulp make it ideal for homemade sauces. It is juicy, naturally sweet and aromatic, due to a higher natural sugar content than other tomatoes.
  • Sicilian Oregano: Sicilian oregano grows spontaneously on the Sicilian hills and enriches the herbs in a way that cannot be replicated elsewhere. When dried, its fragrance and unique aroma (a little sweet, slightly spicy) adds a special touch to many Mediterranean dishes.
  • Calabrian Pepper: This ingredient characterizes the cuisine of the Calabria region in southern Italy since all of the traditional recipes of Calabria incorporate it. It is considered the best chili pepper because of its unique sensorial characteristics – mainly that it has more depth (fruitiness) versus heat alone.
  • Genovese Basil: Genovese Basil is a protected designation of origin (PDO) product through the EU since 2005. Its identity, cultivation, and quality are protected. It differs from other basils because of its small-medium sized tender leaves, light green color, and very delicate, sweet aroma, which alone can make all the difference in a simple dish.

The sauce recipes are flavorful and made with a special, homemade inspiration. To bring to life a homemade taste, these sauces are made in an entirely unique way, bringing a unique culinary experience to at-home chefs. Barilla® pays special attention to each ingredient throughout the entire cooking process, which includes:

  • Sauté: Onion, carrots, and garlic are slowly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil

  • Slow Cook: After the sauté, tomato and other ingredients are added. Herbs and spices are added last to preserve their aromatic flavors.

  • Simmer: Sauce is then cooked at high temperatures for a long time so any water in the tomato evaporates and flavors become denser for a rich, deep, well-rounded taste.


Do not microwave the glass jar. We recommend pouring Vero Gusto® into a skillet or microwavable dish prior to heating.

We recommend eating Vero Gusto® within the expiration date.

Vero Gusto® is best used within 5 days of opening. Unused portion must be refrigerated after opening.

We recommend never freezing the product while it’s still sealed in the original container as it does create more complexity to thaw it and eat it at your convenience. The product tastes best when it is stored in a dry place.


We add no animal byproducts to Vero Gusto®, therefore it is 100% vegan.

Packed with vegetables, Vero Gusto® contains a good source of fiber (12% DV) and Vitamin C (15% DV). Each ½ cup serving of Vero Gusto® provides 1 cup vegetable equivalent, offering a nutrient-dense sauce that helps contribute to the daily recommendation of 2.5 cups of vegetables per 2,000 calorie diet. The key to any sauce is making sure to pair it with other nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, beans, lean proteins, and pasta.

Vero Gusto® is gluten free and is made in a gluten free facility.

No. Vero Gusto® is free of preservatives.

The product is Non-GMO Project Verified. Barilla® has gone through the necessary procedures in order to ensure the product meets Non-GMO Project Verified standards to guarantee certainty of its ingredients and food production.

Yes, the sauce is kosher.


Through its Good For You, Good For The Planet initiative, Barilla® makes every effort to use sustainable materials and reduce waste. Vero Gusto® jars can be recycled. Simply rinse the jar and replace the lid before recycling the jar.

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*See nutritional facts panel for nutritional information. Not a low calorie food.

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