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Ingredients to
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True Ingredients.

Vero Gusto means “true taste.” It’s not only our name. It’s our promise. We use only 100% Italian tomatoes and prepare them with other signature regional ingredients from Italy, in a way that’s true to how you’d make a sauce at home: sautéed and slowly simmered, with nothing artificial.


Artificial Ingredients

Added Sugar*

Added Water

Added Tomato Paste

Gluten Free

Tomato & Basil Recipe

& Basil

Genovese Basil – harvested in select areas of Genoa near the Mediterranean Sea, where the soil is rich – is essential to developing this aromatic flavor.

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Tomato & Basil Jar Front

Our Tomato & Basil sauce features Genovese Basil. Genovese Basil is a protected designation of origin (PDO) product through the EU since 2005. Its identity, cultivation, and quality are protected. It differs from other basils because of its small-medium sized tender leaves, light green color, and very delicate, sweet aroma, which alone can make all the difference in a simple dish.

Tomato & Basil Recipe


Datterini Tomatoes – naturally sweet, flavor-packed tomatoes grown in the sunlit fields of Italy’s Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions – open up a world of flavor.

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Heritage Marinara Jar Front

Our Heritage Marinara sauce features Datterini Tomatoes. Datterini is characterized by a small “date” size and elongated shape similar to San Marzano. Its thick skin and firm pulp make it ideal for homemade sauces. It is juicy, naturally sweet, and aromatic, due to a higher natural sugar content than other tomatoes.

Tomato & Basil Recipe


Calabrian Peppers – native to the warm southern Mediterranean climate of Calabria – give this sauce its medium, sweet heat.

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Calabrian Marinara Jar Front

Our Calabrian Marinara sauce features Calabrian Peppers. This ingredient characterizes the cuisine of the Calabria region in southern Italy since all of the traditional recipes of Calabria incorporate it. It is considered the best chili pepper because of its unique sensorial characteristics – mainly that it has more depth (fruitiness) versus heat alone.

Tomato & Basil Recipe


Sicilian Oregano – an intensely aromatic herb that is a favorite ingredient of traditional Southern Italian cuisine – gives this sauce its unforgettable flavor.

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Sicilian Herb Jar Front

Our Sicilian Herb sauce features Sicilian Oregano. Sicilian Oregano grows spontaneously on the Sicilian hills and enriches the herbs in a way that cannot be replicated elsewhere. When dried, its fragrance and unique aroma (a little sweet, slightly spicy) adds a special touch to many Mediterranean dishes.